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Friday, May 21, 2010

Photoshoot Flashback - January 17, 2010 - Buffalo NY

I've decided to start doing a weekly photoshoot flashback! I realized I have tons of pictures from past photoshoots that never get used in listings or on any of my websites, so I'm going to start sharing them on here, along with some favorites of the past as well.
Today I'm sharing some photos from a shoot I did in Buffalo, NY back in January when I went to visit my good friends Emily & Jackie. I went to see them before I left for my cross country road trip, and convinced them to do some modeling for LuAnne Vintage. Here are my fav photos of them from that day!

I especially love this last one :-)

hope you all have a good weekend! x


  1. I love these photos, debbie! (:
    They're so cool...I really love first and last one (L)


  2. thanks so much, glad you like them! xo