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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May obessions

Hello loves! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far :-) I spent my friday night shopping after work & then watching Vicki Cristina Barcelona. Such a good movie. I've also spent entirely too much time shopping online, and since I can't afford to buy all these things, I figured I would at least share them all with you here (along with other random things i'm obesessing over currently):

adorable ruffled boots from free people (ruffles are detachable too!)

vintage owl necklace from candyshopvintage on etsy

desert boot also from Free People

leather tassel fringe bag from topshop <3>found magazine (

handmade deerskin fringe bag from RainbowMoonDreams on etsy

vintage Anna Sui dress from ingeniusrehab on etsy

in love with the music & lyrics of delta spirit
"To look down from the hill
And howl at the moon
All the tears I cried never salted any wounds
Well the earth is so tender and cruel
Well if you're not there it's still so beautiful "
-delta spirit

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