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Friday, March 12, 2010

Life in a VAN!

OK, so Casey and I have been living out of our van since January 21, and also shipping most of the vintage orders from the van as well! We have bins under the bed in the back of the van that store all the vintage clothing.

We are currently in Corpus Christi, TX and getting ready to head to Austin for SXSW next week :-) We have been doing lots of thrift shopping too and we are currentlyalways adding new items on Etsy also!

Here's some photos of the van we are traveling in:

As you can see the van is packed out! We needed to bring tons of stuff to take photos with for the site, since this trip will be about a total of 6 months! We plan to get back to upstate NY in mid July.

Here are some highlights of our trip so far!

GORGEOUS Miami Beach! this was in February! i wanna go back <3

setting up a picnic in a park outside Miami

texas state line! we had fun here, our first time in texas!

casey inside the texas cutout

the lone star state

on the ferry from crystal beach to galveston!

the seawall in galveston

casey & i at the seawall


downtown galveston, the Strand district

our van amidst a sea of RVs camping on Padre Island, off Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi

seagull! testing out my zoom lens while tanning in CC

Well that's all i got for now! Make sure you become our fan on facebook to see more updates on our travels :-)

We also have a specific blog just for this road trip which you can see on wordpress!

hope you all have a good St Patty's Day!