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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Out & About // Fall in Saratoga, NY

Today Casey & I went up to Saratoga to take some photos and walk around, since it was a lovely day of 60 degrees and sunny!! We took some photos for our lookbook pages in Congress park:

"do not feed the girls"

our shadows!

Then we walked around a bit & stopped in a used record shop called Last Vestige
. I can't resist taking photos in those round bubble mirrors...

And of course we had to check out the BEST vintage/antique store in toga, Reruns, which has some really great stuff and a huge selection of vintage clothing which is always a mess but really fun to look through!

Overall a very successful day for us :-)

Debi @ LV


  1. How fun! That shadow pic turned out great!

  2. Love the green tights! sounds like a fun day out x

    For all things fashion:

  3. thanks guys! yes i love that shadow pic!!